About Us

Who we are

Energy Consulting Division of Prudence System Consulting Group (PSCG) LLC exclusively provides services in energy. We specifically provide consultancy and research services in the areas of Energy Planning & Analysis, Energy Efficiency & Conservation, Smart Energy Devices, Internet of Things (IoT) development. We have a highly dedicated team of experts with extensive experience. Our consulting offices are located in USA, France, Pakistan, UK and UAE and our company headquarters are in Newark, Delaware, USA.

Our Core Competencies

We act as ‘Facilitators’, ‘Enablers’ and ‘Technology Partners’ to help organizations gain insight, create more value, avoid waste and improve performance to achieve competitive advantage. We bring unique combinations of concepts, strategies, implementation, technology and human resources to help our clients develop a futuristic approach to their unique requirements.


We provide a full range of energy related professional consulting services, mainly categorized into the following domains.

Energy Planning & Analysis

Our Energy advisors and consultants help our clients to conduct feasibility, strategy and analytical studies, provide due diligence reviews, support and advise on energy market trends and energy modeling. We help our clients in developing a sound basis for their future business endeavors.

Our consultants have expertise in conducting feasibility studies, developing strategic roadmaps, performing due diligence reviews for specific requirements of our clients, and apprising clients about prevailing and future trends in energy markets. Our information energy planning & analysis services include:

  • Strategy, Feasibility & Advisory Services
  • Due Diligence & Reviews
  • Energy Market Assessment
  • Energy Systems Analysis & Modeling

Energy Efficiency & Conservation

Our energy efficiency & conservation team provides technical assistance by using innovative methods in developing comprehensive assessment for our clients. Our experts focus on delivering high quality deliverables and services according to the requirements, through a unique combination of experience, expertise and innovative approach. Our team consists of energy conservation specialists, environmental experts, energy analysts and trainers. Our energy efficiency & conservation services include:

  • Energy Conservation Studies
  • Environmental Modelling
  • Building Energy Efficiency Assessments
  • Energy Conservation Training & Workshops

Smart Energy Technologies

Through our Smart Energy Technology Services, we assist our clients in gaining better insight into the energy-related technologies and how these could be used for growth in their businesses. We plan, design and deliver solutions that result in real value by ensuring potential efficiency gains. We turn vision of our clients’ into operational reality by providing direction, guidance and innovative services to support and enable the successful execution of projects.

Our smart technology team consists of technology evaluators, data analysts, embedded systems engineers, and IoT application researchers and energy software developers. Our smart energy technology services cover the following areas:

  • Data Analysis Services
  • Technology Needs Assessment
  • Smart Energy Devices/IoT Research
  • Energy Software Development


Blending our technical expertise and clients’ business knowledge, we aim to help business firms, NGOs, international development organizations, governments and local communities to find solutions to most pressing problems they face in conducting their business. We have a range of experts in the following broad domains:

Energy Planning & Analysis

  • Integrated Energy Planning
  • Due Diligence& Financial Analysis
  • Energy Market Assessments
  • Energy Systems Analysis

Energy Efficiency & Environmental Assessment

  • Buildings Energy Assessments
  • Environmental Modelling
  • Energy Efficiency Assessments
  • Awareness & Training Workshops

Smart Technology

  • Technology Assessments
  • Digital Device Design
  • IoT & Embedded Systems Design
  • Customized Software Development